Saturday, February 7, 2009

unnecessary fight...

on fri i think i fight wit yan they all

actually nothing special came up but whn they saw me they say they wana slap me...

whn i 1st heard tat i was lik huh?? wat did i do wrong o??

they say i whn 2 bomba meeting without telling any1 of them so they went everywhr 2 find me

tat time i was wit bin n jun v went 2 toilet...

earlier i felt abit sry cause they were worried bout me

but whn they say they wana slap me i know they wont do it but im stil abit mad

so after de meeting the plan is 2go kana hv lunch but suddenly yan decided 2 go home

jun was holding my hand vry tight so tat i counldn't go home

this few days im vry emo

seriously emo mayb cause whn i hear any sad songs thn i wil think bck de old things n i wil start

2 cry n think alot again...

i wanted 2 cal yan but i think v r stil in a fight

i know i counldn't oways count on her anymore cause 1 day she wil leave me n tat time i think i

wil reali break down cause she's reali my best pal

so from now on i muz try 2 b a big girl n don oways cal her whn i hv problems n i muz try myself

2 settle it...

this year reali suck

its juz the begining n i hv 2 try 2 4get soo many person

1st is tat guy thn now is my fren

wat is happening??

i thought i stoped de crying case but now everything is juz coming bck...

every1 wil move forward but y im not??

y im juz standing in diff places but stil in de same position??

i hope tat theres a posion tat can make u 4get de sad stuff...

haiz... talking crap now...

reali not in a good mood

hope tat i can go 2 a place 2 cry n shout as long as i want n no1 wil find out bout it...

Thursday, January 8, 2009


我今天写blog可不是要写开学的心情哦!! 我有天大的消息要告诉大家
会来看我blog应该都是几位好朋友而已吧?? 如果你不是我好朋友的话也没关系因为我现在心情超级好的嘻嘻哈哈...
我知道我常常还会想着他, 但我很确定我不会在像以前时不时就哭了
我会加油的... 我真的会... 只要给我一点时间没黄雪琳做不到的事嘻嘻...

baby做工要加油哦!! (应该是最后一次这样叫你了吧??)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

wat should i do??

i reali don know wat im trying 2 do
should i stop n wait or should i juz move forward n 4get de pass
who can tel me wat 2 do??
my frenz cal me 2 4get bout u but its not as easy as i think
i oways think tat mayb 2day v wil b fine
thn de next day i think again mayb 2day v wil b fine
everyday repeat de same stuff until i don hv any reason 2 continue anymore
everytime whn i start 2 think thn i wil cry 1 more time
im those kind of person tat whn i lik some1 its reali hard 2 let me 4get bout him
i know i juz need time 2 make de feelings fade
but i think its reali taking a long time cauz until now i don think a little thing has chg
sch is goin 2 start soon
i hope tat everything can juz b fine
i don wana b sad anymore
my wish is 2 hope tat everything can juz b fine n i wont b sad anymore
i don care wats de ending anymore
i juz hope tat everything can b solve as soon as possible so i don need 2 think about it aymore...

Saturday, December 20, 2008

all about u is juz a lie

haiz haiz haiz haiz haiz...

im oways thinking wat happened 2u??

wat made us changed??

am i thinking too much??

whn i start 2 think tat everything is juz alright

suddenly all the lies from u juz POP out

i think tat im the most stupid person on earth 2 believe wat ever u told me

i didnt even suspect anything from u bcauz i trust u too much

im reali reali stupid 4 being sad n stil crying 4 u

i wana stop worrying wat had happened ,

i wana stop crying 4 u ,

i wana stop everything tat is bout u

im reali reali tired from all of this

until now i onli found out tat i reali lik u too much....

Thursday, December 18, 2008

haiz... really changed... sob sob

earlier v had already slowly changed
v seldom chat n talk 2 each other n i thought everything was stil fine
but when v went out 2day i onli notice tat v reali changed alot
i think the whole day v talk less thn 30 sentences n the whole journey v were juz keeping quite
the movie was reali nice but after the movie v bcame back 2the silent mode
i don know wat 2do so i was keep on trying 2 find my fren
thn v went seperate places after i found my fren
when i see u leave i don reali know wat was i thinking at tat time
whn im on my way home i called yan n i told her wat had happened
she was shock n i know i was goin 2 cry so i stop de conversation wit her
i was reali sad at tat time but i oso think tat im kinda useless bcauz i oways cry easily
i don know how 2explain
but i reali think tat v changed alot
every1 asked me r v couple
but now i think v reali dont hv the chance 2be 2gether d rite??
i hope tat everything can b bck the same
haiz lets juz see wats the ending la...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


很久都没写blog了... 今天没事做就来谈谈关于假期后所发生的事情吧 ! !
我发现到我有时侯真的很矛盾 , 上课时就一直想快快放假 , 现在呢就想快快开学因为假期我真的
整天都做着同样的事情就是吃东西 , 睡觉 , 看戏 , 玩电脑 , 每天都只做着几样事情我真的快闷死
baby你不是整天都叫我update我blog吗 ? ? 我现在终于写新的了哦 ! ! 嘻嘻...
你觉不觉得我们好像变了... 变到跟本好像每次都没话讲 , 变到以前最多两天没谈天但我们第三天
一定会谈天了现在我看我们四五天没谈天都不觉得有什么奇怪了吧 ! !
我不懂是不是我想太多还是你也不管了... 你放心吧我不会去烦你的我真的不会毕竟你现在也在考
试啊 ! ! 你要加油哦 ...
明天就终于可以出去了但是要去找工 ! ! 加油加油 ^.^

Friday, October 17, 2008

crazy taxi driver...

2day when 2 mid at about 7 something i onli got a taxi
i waited 4 a taxi for about half an hour
when i got in the taxi
the driver stared 2 scold me without any freaking reason
fuck n many different kind of bad words starting 2 come out from his mouth
i was vry scard at tat moment
n he plan 2 cal me 2 share my taxi wit some1 else
when he when bck 2 the taxi stand n he starting 2 shout at every1
he called me not 2 get down from the car
n i was stupid 2 listen 2 him bcauz im too scared of him
when he finds out no1 wans 2 share he started 2 cal them go 2 hell
every1 was seeing wat had happen n i was so humliated
when he ask me where is my house i told him is in taman jaya
he scold me n say tat he don know where it is
den i told him i'll show him the way
when he drove nearby my house n he scolded me again n say y i didnt told him is near taman jaya
i was goin 2 cry already
when i reach home i can't stand it n i start 2 tear
when mommy ask me what had happened so i told her thw whole story
after she knows what happened she scold me lik hell
i know tat she is vry worried about me so i didnt say anything
i really really freaking hate tat taxi driver....